Tip For Finding The Best Water Softener Systems

ws1Few people will argue that their tap water isn’t always the absolute best in available options. However, you certainly don’t want to spend a small fortune buying bottled water every single time you want something to drink. Add in the recent news reports showing that many companies selling bottled water are just bottling actual tap water, and it is easy to see why this isn’t a popular option. The best option for most people comes in the form of water softener systems.

A water softener, sometimes also referred to as a water filtration system, refers to filter systems that you put tap water into, and the filtration cleans out any additives or additional contaminants that can lead to poor tasting water. By stripping out all these negative things, the water will taste better and be healthier for you.

So how do you know what water softener systems will get the job done for you?

There are many top-notch companies that offer a wide array of filter options. The first one to look at is GE. GE makes a wide variety of water filters ranging from as low as 20,000 grains a day up to major filters that can clear up to 44,000 grains per day. This is the common measurement for water filters, with the higher number meaning more is filtered.

Look at online reviews to see the various GE water filters that are available and can help you get softer water.

Waterboss water softener systems are another popular choice for people who don’t need huge water filters, but still want much better water for them and their family members in their own homes. Waterboss water filters tend to focus on the 36,400 and 22,000 grain measurement filters, and these also tend to get the best ratings online.

If you’re looking for something small that attaches right to a sink then you want to turn to Culligan water softener systems and filters or other specialty water products like PUR water filters. These are a little less popular because they can’t do as thorough a job as other models, but it does provide a quick and effective way to make water much cleaner than it is right out of the tap.

These are some of the biggest water softener system brands, and it’s important to do your full research from year to year to see which ones still get high marks and which companies rely too much on past accomplishments.

Video: How a Home Water Softener Works